Monday, July 19, 2010

Kettle's Buffalo Bleu Potato Chips Make Easy Appetizer

I love the homemade potato chips Sullivan's Restaurant in downtown Raleigh serves with a real blue cheese dressing on top. They are to die for. And what good New Yorker worth her salt doesn't love spicy Buffalo wings? So when I saw Kettle's new Buffalo Bleu Potato Chips at Harris Teeter recently, I saw an opportunity to make a yummy appetizer that combines some of my favorite flavors. Next time you have a party, take a bag of Kettle's Buffalo Bleu chips (a spicy BBQ chip will do nicely too if you can't find them) and pour them out on a microwave-safe plate or serving tray. Top with blue cheese crumbles, zap in the microwave until just warmed and maybe a little melty in places, 30 seconds or less, and serve. Yummy. Might be good drizzled with some ranch dressing too, but that's the southern transplant in me talking. Enjoy!

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