Friday, March 26, 2010

Coupon Confessions

I must confess: As much as it pains me to pay full price for anything, I have not clipped a grocery coupon since my second son was born nine months ago. I know, I know. I went through my coupon folder last night and all but one had expired. But with triple coupons at Harris Teeter this week, I knew it was time to amend my backsliding ways. I organized the coupons I recently purchased from and the stash of coupons I salvaged from products I've bought in the past few weeks and got them organized. My friend Courtney also told me about the printable coupons that are free online and I took advantage of some good ones. So, now I will brave HT during triple coupon days with a nine-month-old and four-year-old in tow...well, as soon as I get a shower and put on some eye makeup.

Where do you get your coupons? Gotten any great deals this week at HT or elsewhere you want to brag about? It's okay, I get it.

For printable coupons visit and


  1. I am all for coupons but find I buy stuff I normally would not buy since I have a coupon. Plus, I am terribly unorganized with coupons and the stuff I want to buy is already been ransacked. All this to say, I did not make it out to HT triple coupon week. Haha! I am long winded!

    Hope you had some success at HT!!

  2. I hear you Maridith! I have yet to master the significant savings I hear others talk about. I do snag some deals from time to time though. I love those Sister Schubert rolls (my thighs disagree) but they're like $3.50+/package. With the recent BOGO offer at HT and a doubled $.50 coupon I got two for $2.50 instead or $1.75 each. And since I stopped in twice to get rolls and they were out I also got two BOGO rain checks (good for up to 4 and never expires), which I will be using when I run out. So if you ask me over for dinner (which you really should), I'll be bringing the rolls. :-)


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