Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Story of my FREE Starbucks Via coupon from Target

Recently, after checking out at my local Target, the cashier handed me the usual wad of store coupons with my receipt. In the stash was a coupon for a FREE three-pack of Starbucks' answer to instant coffee, Via. I see Via advertised all the time when I'm going through the Starbuck's drive-thru. I haven't tried them because, well the point of Starbucks coffee is going to Starbucks. And I don't see myself spending $1 a packet to make my own coffee when I can get an entire bag of Starbucks coffee for $7 at the grocery store and brew enough to last a week. Obviously, I am not the target market for this product. But FREE is FREE my friend so I dutifully carried my coupon around in my wallet until the next time I was at Target. I grabbed what I thought was a three-pack of Starbucks, valued at about $3, and checked out. Only when I got home did I realize they had mis-shelved the packages and what I had was an eight pack, valued at $8. Fuming, I pulled out my receipt to see if I had, indeed, payed $5 for coffee I hadn't wanted. But no, the discount rang up for the full $8. Kaching! So, moral of the story, if you get one of these coupons, go for the eight-pack girlfriend.

Any who...how's the coffee? If you like Starbucks' coffee (and I do, oh I do), you will probably like the Via. I tried the Columbia brew and it tasted and even smelled just like the real thing. I don't know how they do it. Starbucks magic in a little foil package. When they sell it by the can I'll be first in line. And it is currently 10:30 p.m. and I am blogging away with little desire to fall asleep, so yes the caffeine content is on par too.

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