Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: Dark chocolate bacon bar

I keep hearing about chocolate/bacon pairings. So when I saw this chocolate bar at a grocery store in New York I had to give it a try. The description on the back invites comparisons to chocolate-chip pancakes with bacon and Maple syrup, which sounds yummy. And I do love Vosges' unique, though pricey, chocolates (this bar set me back $5.99). But it's good quality chocolate. Here's a close-up of the artwork on the bar and the bacon bits in the actual chocolate.
I actually bought this bar for my husband to try. Bacon is like cat-nip for men. In the end though we both agreed that even with the great presentation and the excellent dark chocolate, it tasted like chocolate-covered bacon bits. Maybe it would go good on a salad. I've also seen entire strips of thick-cut bacon coated in chocolate, called Pig Lickers. They might be onto something despite the gross name, because when the bacon is broken into bits like this it loses its original taste and texture. Hmm, I could totally make that at home...


  1. Catnip for men. TOO DARN FUNNY!!I love it. I need to get a bar of this for my dad. He would love it. He is pretty sure any meal tastes better with bacon.

  2. I have to agree with him! Bacon is yummy. ;-)


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