Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tell me about your favorite food-related iPhone apps!

I just got an iPhone. I know, I'm late to every party. I was really just waiting to get the white ones. Uh-huh. So, I have figured out the basics, including using the camera, which has been a huge help for this blog. That old Canon was starting to get heavy. I am, however, overwhelmed by the app store and would love some suggestions. I'm using Mapquest and Urbanspoon already for finding restaurants. I'm also looking for 1.) anything that will help make couponing easier and paperless, 2.) nifty cooking apps, 3.) something that will help make grocery shopping and list making easier. Thanks! You can leave your suggestions in comment form below.


  1. A very useful food app is Don't Eat That, it helps you understand the ingredient labels on food, such as what ingredients are harmful to kids and pregnant women and ingredients that have drug interactions. The most useful feature for me is the Food Label Terms. I never knew what some of those terms really meant, such as uses by date or sugar-free. It is very informative. My only complaint is that it does not scan food labels which would make life easier. You have to manually look up the ingredients.The price is $1.99

  2. Cool, I will check that one out. Thanks!


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