Wednesday, May 18, 2011

True confessions from my microwave

You might want to chalk this up to TMI, but I know I'm not the only woman who craves chocolate at least once a month. OK, I crave chocolate daily, but I'm talking in-my-pjs-with-a-movie-and-an-entire-pan-of-brownies-smothered-in-fudge-sauce craving. And I'm not getting up until the pan is clean and God help you if you get in my way. That kind of craving. And it hit me totally unprepared last night. No brownie makings, no baking nothin' anywhere in sight. But back in the corner of my pantry I found leftover s'mores fixings: one-and-a-half stale graham crackers, a couple of squares of chocolate and half a bag of marshmallows. Perfect.

So here's how it works, as if you aren't already doing this yourself in secret. I don't like the graham crackers microwaved. So I nuke the chocolate squares on a microwave-proof plate for 10 seconds, then add a single marshmallow on top and let it go another 10 seconds. Then I scrape the oozing lot off the plate with the graham crackers and reload. Ahhh. Craving abated.

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