Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the winner of the $25 Target gift card is...

OK, first, before I announce the winner, I just have to show you my uber-technical sweepstakes drawing method. Very retro in a digital world. My handsome programmer husband would probably have a different approach, which would involve a spreadsheet and a bar chart (He says pie charts are only good for making people hungry. Mmmm, pie.). But as he was still sleeping when I took these photos this morning, my method will have to suffice.

And so....the winner is...Katie Crews! Congratulations Katie and thanks for following Feeding Four!
Yes, these photos are blurry. What do you want for 6:00 on a Saturday morning? Actually, it's not the time of day, it's my camera. I need to trade it in for a new one. But as I am currently in the process of spending my dining room decorating budget I don't want to rock the boat. At least not until my drapes arrive in the mail. Yes, I ordered drapes!

Anyway, not about me. About Katie and you beautiful followers. Enjoy Katie and thanks to all for subscribing and your comments. Keep 'em coming and feel free to throw in any requests or questions. I will probably not know the answer, but aren't those the best questions?

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